Pre-built Windows virtual machines

Virtual appliances are one of the coolest and most useful little things that you can use in a virtualized environment. Whenever you need to quickly test a new software, a new platform, it’s always nice and welcomed when its creator puts out a pre-configured appliance for it. No time “wasted” to install and configure the underlying operating system and all the needed libraries, the virtual machine is ready to be powered up and used.

This has always been the case for software based on Linux, because its redistribution license has always granted the possibility to easily repackage it and distribute the final appliance. With Microsoft however, this has always been a problem. Software based on Microsoft platform cannot be easily packaged that way.

Lately, however, I found a great solution to have at least the whole operating system up and running in few minutes.

Licenze Microsoft e Disaster Recovery

Quando si progetta una soluzione di Disaster Recovery, sebbene il lavoro maggiore sia rivolto alla parte tecnologica, è bene non dimenticare anche la parte di licensing. Alcune tecnologie utilizzare come quelle Microsoft impongono delle verifiche opportune alle licenze possedute, per non incorrere in violazioni delle stesse durante la realizzazione di piani di Disaster Recovery. In […]

VMware View e Microsoft VDA

Ho trovato questo post sulla community VMware che vorrei condividere con voi: Here is the question we posed to Alexander R. Vasilakos, West Region Lead, Telephone Partner Account Manager (TPAM) Microsoft Corporation powered by Tech Data: “I do not own a Microsoft OS license. I have a laptop running Linux. I purchase a VDA license. […]