Good old FTP (and cloud!) to protect your vSphere environment

Lately, I had to rebuild my personal lab after a major crash of the storage system I use, and even if I was able to restore everything, the procedure I had to use involved many manual rebuilding of the resources. This time, I decided that everything has to be protected in a way that it would be really easy to perform e restore of every component of the lab. I started with the basic infrastructure based on VMware vSphere, and I realized that, as much as it sounds something from the jurassic age, the best way to create backups of those resources was to use an FTP server!

Reconfigure NSX to allow vCloud Director to create Org networks

If you have just deployed vCloud Director over NSX , it may happen that during the creation of a new VCD network, the operations fails with the error “Cannot deploy organization VDC network; Make sure vShield Manager infrastructure is properly configured and there are segment IDs available.” In this case, you need to change the configuration of the NSX transport zones from Multicast to either Hybrid or Unicast.

Fix NSX host preparation errors with manual installation of the components

I started to install VMware vCloud Director in my new lab, as I want to be ready to test the upcoming Veeam Cloud Connect Replication v10, with its native support for this cloud management platform. One of the requirements of vCloud Director is NSX, so I started with its installation. As I hit some errors in the “NSX Host Preparation” step, I learned how to fix them manually and how to automate a bit VIB deployments.

My experience at VMworld US 2013

I’m back since few days from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, and as usual I’m slowly starting to “digest” the huge amount of news I received. Among the several announcements from VMware itself and those from almost every partner at the event, is hard to choose what to select and what to ignore. This year I completely […]

La mia esperienza al VMworld US 2013

Sono rientrato da pochi giorni dal VMworld 2013 tenutosi a San Francisco, e come sempre sto iniziando lentamente e faticosamente a “digerire” la spaventosa mole di informazioni ricevute. Tra i numerosi annunci di VMware stessa e quelle di più o meno tutti i partner presenti, è difficile scegliere di cosa interessarsi e cosa tralasciare. Quest’anno […]