Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots will support HP 3Par StoreServ

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I’m here at HP Discover, and as always happens, many vendors take advantage of the spotlight at these kind of conferences to unveil their new products.

Last monday, HP launched their new 3Par line of products, with new models 7200 and 7400, targeted to the midrange market, while historically 3Par has always been used in the high-end. Some bloggers already wrote about this news, I’m going to wrap up about these and other news when I’ll be back home, for now you can read this post by Hans De Leenheer to get an overview.

Today, Veeam is announcing a new storage support for their new Explorer for SAN Snapshots (VESS), that is 3Par itself. After launching this technology with only HP LeftHand support, Veeam as promised is slowly expanding their storage support. 3Par support is an easy but effective addition: they already have partnership with HP that lead to the LeftHand support, and 3Par is having a hype with the new models’ launch.

To be able to use VESS on 3Par, every 3Par model will be supported, not only the new 7000 series; you will have to have the Virtual Copy license over the base system. Other than that, the product will act exactly like in LeftHand. If you are interested about seeing it in action, I create a series of posts indexed in this starting post.

Now, don’t rush to Veeam website to download the new version, since it is expected to be available in the first half of 2013. As in the previous release supporting LeftHand, VESS will be available free of charge in the base product.

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