Welcome to Virtual To The Core!

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Well, it has happened. After 5 years and more than 900 articles, vuemuer.it is retiring, to leave its place to the new domain virtualtothecore.com.

Vttc logo

together with the new domain, the new logo makes its debut. A mix of hand writing, almost a graffiti, with some bloodyness. After all, it’s “to the core”! 🙂

If you are reading this article, and you are among my RSS feed subscribes, well this means I was able to use my lousy knowledge about Apache and its redirect rules. Nonetheless, please update you RSS subscriptions, italian or english. All the existing articles and all the links will be always valid, in order to preserve readers’ bookmarks, but most of all all the indexing made by search engines during the years.

Why this new domain? An imagine is worth a thousand words:

Visit per language

Since the launch, back in July 2011, of the english version of my blog alongside the italian one, foreign readers have increased constantly, and are now the majority (this log is about the first two months of 2013). Also, even if I always loved the name “vuemuer”, that came out from a funny mangling of the name VMware made by one of my old customers, trying to explain its meaning or even spelling it has always been hard, and not only to foreign people.

So, that’s the reason behind “Virtual To the Core”.

To my long time readers, don’t worry: italian version is not going to disappear, and its “editorial line” will always be the same. Rather, with my new lab almost ready, technical and handson articles are going to be revitalized.

Again, welcome to Virtual To The Core!