Quick Tip: how an end user can find out which version of vCloud Director is using

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For my tests, I use a couple of vCloud Director services thanks to some really generous service providers which are also Veeam customers. From time to time, I see they upgrade their installations but as an end user is not always straight-forward to find out which version of vCloud Director is in use. But there’s a way to find out even for end users.

Why is important? Well, even if we are not in charge of the management of the infrastructure, we may need to know this information because with any new version, new features are available (for example in NSX) or new API calls can be made when using Terraform to configure it.

If you are a VCD administrator, you probably already know which version you are running, and you can always open the administration page to find out. Just open Help -> About and you will see the version number:

But this option is not available to end user.

The trick to find out this information as an end user is pretty simple anyway: look at the URL of your VCD console, remove any additional string, and replace it with: https://URL/api/versions . Once the page opens, go to the bottom and look for the highest version of VersionInfo:

In my case, the highest version is 30.0. This number, as you can see, is not related to the VCD build, but you can open this web page:  https://docs.vmware.com/en/vCloud-Director/index.html and check the very first list:

So, API version 30.0 is available in vCloud director 9.1, which is the information I was looking for.