Veeam Backup with PernixData write-back caching

PernixData is, as of today, the only server-side caching solution for VMware offering write-back capabilities, that is the possibility to accelerate write operations. This feature is extremely helpful in increasing performances in virtualized environments running write intensive applications like databases, mail servers and others. However, the usage of this feature requires some proper configuration in order to correctly protect VM with Veeam Backup

Pre-emptively enable HotAdd/HotPlug of a VM

It happens often to have to do maintenance on Virtual Machines bacause of an exhaustion of computing resources. A web server with many more visitors than those predicted when it was sized, a database server with newly added application, there are many examples. In thse situations, a sysadmin schedules the activity on the virtual machine […]

#Veeam HotAdd mode and IDE disks

If during a Veeam B&R job using Hot Add mode you receive an error like this: Processing the VM in Backup/Replica job in Virtual Appliance (hot-add) mode fails with the following error message: “Backing up object “[XXX_SXN] DXX-SXX2-TXX/DXX-SXX2-TXX.vmdk” BackupDiskFull failed Client error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[XXX_SXN] DXX-SXX2-TXX/DXX-SXX2-TXX.vmdk] ( is read-only mode – [true] […]