#Veeam HotAdd mode and IDE disks

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If during a Veeam B&R job using Hot Add mode you receive an error like this:

Processing the VM in Backup/Replica job in Virtual Appliance (hot-add) mode fails with the following error message:
“Backing up object “[XXX_SXN] DXX-SXX2-TXX/DXX-SXX2-TXX.vmdk”
BackupDiskFull failed
Client error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[XXX_SXN] DXX-SXX2-TXX/DXX-SXX2-TXX.vmdk] ( is read-only mode – [true] )
Failed to open VMDK.
Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [xxx-vcenter];Port: 443;Login [xxx-officexxx-admin];VMX Spec: [moref-vm-401];Snapshot mor [snapshot-635];Transports: [hotadd]] failed because of the following errors:
Server error: End of file”Check the log file of the failed job for the similar entry:
[timestamp] <20> Info           [AP] (Client) output: [timestamp] verbose ‘transport’] Mounting VM vim.VirtualMachine:vm-401 using transport hotadd failed : Cannot use hotadd to transport to mount Virtual Machines with non-SCSI disks..n
[timestamp]  <20> Info           [AP] (Client) output: [timestamp verbose ‘transport’] Cannot use mode hotadd to access [XXX_SXN] DXX-SXX2-TXX/DXX-SXX2-TXX.vmdk: Cannot mount using this method.n
Please check the hard disk of the failing VM is not IDE:
In fact, you cannot use Hot Add with IDE disks, as described in this article of the Veeam KB.
Keep in mind this limit when you create your virtual machines, if you want to save them with Veeam Hot Add.
Obviously failover to network mode can bypass this error.