Tank up of knowledge to end my 2013

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During the last quarter of 2013 that just started, I will have the chance to attend several international events, mainly about storage. Even if this week I’m not attending the European VMworld in Barcelona (but I’ve been at the US one in San Franciso during last august), I will then attend three events, one per month.

Powering the Cloud – Frankfurt

It’s the first time for me attending this event, even if they are celebrating this year their 10th anniversary. Or, better said, they are celebrating the anniversary for SNW Europe (Storage Networking World), because in reality inside the same event, there are basically three of them, kind of three themes: besides Storage, there will also be Datacenter Technologies and Virtualization World.

Agenda is really filled, with even 5 parallel sessions. I would have to choose what to attend. Also, I already scheduled some meetings with some of the several sponsors. They are sooo many, and some of them are totally new to me, so I will be able to learn new things.

Storage Field Day 4 – San Josè

Tech Field Day events are by now a well funded institution in our market. Stephen Foskett and his crew have created a proper “war machine”, able to gather a huge number of companies at each event, both startups or large corporations, even if the number of editions is really copious. Clearly, the “startup forge” in Silicon Valley and the whole USA in general allows this.

I already explained how Tech Field Day is all about when I first attened Storage Field Day 3 in April, and this time I will again three packed days of meetings. There are many companies I’m really eager to learn about, and I’m doing my homeworks to be informed as much as possible. Specifically, some of them will show their scale-out storage solutions, and this is a hot topic for me. I will write a dedicated post in the next weeks.

HP Discover – Barcelona

Finally, to close this year, I will attend HP Discover for the second year in a row. This is the main event for everything HP. I will attend again the Coffee Talks, private meetings with HP representatives, explaining to us bloggers their units and their projects and solutions.

Obviously, I will take some time to walks around the booths and have a deeper look at different HP products, mainly storage and servers. HP has an enormous catalog, but “hopefull” for my job I can focus on few technologies. Otherwise, I would nee two week at this event 🙂