Veeam Cloud Connect reference architecture

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One of the new and greatest features of Veeam Backup & Replication v8 is for sure Veeam Cloud Connect. With this technology, Veeam users can easily send backup copies offsite to remote locations managed by Veeam Service Providers. On the other end, Veeam Service Providers can leverage this technology to offer this service to their users.

I started to work on this project since I joined Veeam, also before to be honest. I blogged about it when the new solution was first announced ( Hello Veeam Cloud Connect!) and I told in that post a little bit of the story around this technology, and how it was part of the reasons I joined Veeam. During the last months, I worked together with the launch partners, tested the different beta releases we had, and meanwhile I realized that in order to have a complete and effective solutions, some of them would have liked to have a guide.

After two months of work, the final result of those tests is finally here: yesterday Veeam published the Veeam Cloud Connect Reference Architecture, and everyone can get a copy here.

This Reference Architecture is aimed at service providers looking for a comprehensive guide to design, deploy and configure a complete Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. In it, I analyze and explain all the different components, like Cloud Gateways, Cloud Repositories, WAN Accelerators, how they work together and how they can be configured. The guide also explains how to plan for failover scenarios of all the components, and there are also suggestions on how to design the storage infrastructure for Cloud Connect, how to configure load balancing and DNS of Cloud Gateways, and  how to generate and manage SSL certificates.

The final result is a 43 pages documents full of technical content. If you are thinking about offering Cloud Connect, you may find this document helpful. I’m interested in your feedback.

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  1. I’ve downloaded and checked it out. Looks great. You also did a great job on stage with your Veeam All-Star presentation. (We also did a vBrownBag at the same event)

    • I’m approving your comments without the links, as it’s still not clear to me if you’re just trying to drop links to your resource using my blog.
      Try to prove me I’m wrong by not linking your resource in any comment 😉

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